Portable Camping Shower

Camping is one of the greatest activities you will ever do, but out in the wilderness, you often have to forego some basic amenities. Most people are not used to going for even a day without a shower, which is why camping altogether puts some people off. If you’re the type who wants to try out an adventure in the wild, but prefers a daily shower, it’d be a good idea to look into portable camping showers to complete your collection of camping gear.

There are two pieces of equipment to consider when it comes to getting your hands on your very own portable camping shower. The most important piece is the actual shower itself. Most models are solar showered and are built with a small panel that heats the water for you so that you don’t have to suffer a cold shower. Most out there have a four or five gallon capacity which you can expect to squeeze about five showers out of without hair washing, and two or three showers with hair washing. These portable camping showers are durable and light, making them a wise addition to your gear. Here's the one we've always used and it works perfectly for us:

Advanced Elements 5 Gallon Summer Shower / Solar Shower

In addition to your bare bones portable camping shower, you might also consider getting a shower shelter or shower enclosure. This will give you an element of privacy that will let you enjoy your shower fully just as you would at home. A camp shower enclosure provides four walls around you to give you privacy, while a camp shower shelter also provides a roof for you to protect you from the elements. I like a full shelter because I like camping at all times of year and I also tend to gravitate towards campsites in areas where rain may always be right around the corner. Here's the one I've always counted on:

Wenzel 3- by 3-Foot Utility Tent

Whether you choose to bathe within the walls of a camp shower enclosure or under the roof of a camp shower shelter, a portable camping shower is an excellent piece of equipment to bring along on your camping trip. You’ll have the best of both worlds when you can feel adventuresome in the wild and still civilized with the conveniences you’re used to. Always, happy camping!

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