Camping Foods

When planning your camping trip, one very important consideration you’ll need to plan well for is your camping foods.  Well thought-out camping foods can become the highlight of your trip and make for a real outdoors adventure!

There are several reasons camping foods are unique and challenging.  First of all, you won’t have the luxury of being able to carry much weight with you and secondly, you might not have access to electricity which means you won’t be able to bring perishables.

If you will have access to a camping stove, grill or cooker, you most likely won’t be able to bring along much cooking fuel, so you’ll want to choose camping foods that cook fast.  If you are going to be cooking over a fire, you might consider camping foods that can be cooked by simply adding boiling water.  The only problem here is that these foods tend to lack the quality and nutrients you’ll need for a more intense camping trip.

If you are going to be camping for a long period of time and engaging in rigorous physical activity, you might want to consider camping foods such as tuna to provide you with the high nutritional value you’ll need to get you through the days.  If you will be hiking for long periods of time, a great source of energy is nuts and dried fruits.

If you’re planning a more leisurely trip for a shorter period of time and will be able to take perishables with you, consider the classic camping foods like foil-wrapped meats and vegetables cooked over a fire, hamburgers, hotdogs and s’mores.  No camping trip is complete without delicious treats like these!  Figure out the type of camping you’re going to be doing and plan your camping foods accordingly.  Bon appetit!

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