Camping Ideas

If you’re like most people who’ve never been camping before, you’re probably wondering what on earth you’re even going to do out there in the wilderness for all those days without television and internet and all those things we normally fill our time with. Well, let me say, you’re in for a treat, and don’t worry, I have lots of camping ideas that will help you have the greatest trip of your life!

First of all, any leisurely recreational activities you can think of to do outdoors, you can do camping, so let’s skip things like bicycling, canoeing, fishing, hunting and hiking and go straight to the slightly less conventional camping ideas. There are some things that are just tradition and these camping ideas have made for some of the best camping stories!

Camping is all about relaxing and exploring. Try taking a camera with you and seeing what you can find. I often find I get lost in the searching and come back with few pictures to show for my own blissful contentment. But on the rare occasions that I’ve gotten lucky, I’ve accumulated some great shots of animals, insects and gorgeous scenery.

When thinking up camping ideas of your own, you can surely put the least energy into planning your nights. If you ask any camper their greatest camping memories, you’re likely to hear lots of stories about exciting nights camping under the stars. You’re sure to have a great time even with no pre-planned camping ideas, but here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Have a BBQ and share some great conversation over your delicious grilled meal. Sit and do some star-gazing. See if you can't pick out some constellations or invent ones of your own! If you or someone on your trip plays guitar, have a campfire sing-along. Sounds cheesy, I know, but I promise you it’s a great time. Bring along joke books or ghost stories to tell around the fire. Play silly games like truth or dare or twenty-one questions. Go on a midnight walk and explore in the dark – be careful with this one! Of course some of these camping ideas have a known association with the consumption of a few drinks, but the twinkling night sky and the crackling campfire can be just as intoxicating on its own.

To top up this quick camping ideas list, I have to end with one of my favorite camping activities. Get out there and go for a midnight lake swim. Clothing optional!


  1. I, too, think camping is one of the most quintessentially human activities to do. We did a lot of camping in our VW bus that included Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet, wine, and steak and black-eyed peas. It was one of the few events that calmed by spirit like no other. It was mystical and spiritual.

  2. "Human" - I really like that, Alan. Just enjoying reading your blog now and it's brilliant. Keep the inspiration coming!