Camping Backpacks

When braving the wilderness on your outdoors trip, you’re going to need to sort through a multitude of camping backpacks to find just the right one.  Camping backpacks serve one main function: to provide you storage for your belongings when you’re out in nature taking on the elements.  What could be worse than being surprised by a storm and having no raincoat stored away or being without snacks when you feel that first hunger pang halfway up a mountain trail?

When searching through the many different camping backpacks out there, you need to look for three main aspects.  The first is size and weight.  Depending on what you plan to do on your camping trip, you should be looking for camping backpacks that will serve you best.  If you are going to be doing a lot of hiking, you’ll need a lightweight camping backpack, which can be pricier, but will save you the sore back muscles.  If you’re planning a more leisurely camping trip, opt for the larger camping backpacks that can accommodate all the extra goodies you may want to bring with you.

The second thing that should feature in all camping backpacks is a whole lot of compartments.  The last thing you want is an enormous sack that you have to sift through to find what you need while you’re out hiking or climbing.  Find a camping backpack that has lots of different sizes of zippers on both the outside and the inside.  I can’t tell you how much smoother my hikes have been when I’ve organized my camping backpack in such a way that I can simply reach in and grab what I need without searching.

The last important thing you need to look for when shopping for camping backpacks is the construction.  Good camping backpacks utilize technologies in the design and fabrics that help them weather storms and last a lifetime.  Camping backpacks should not only be lightweight and comfortable on your shoulders and back, but should be durable enough to withstand the most extreme weather and handling.  Decide what type of camping you are going to be doing and then get diving into all those camping backpacks out there to find the one that’s going to work for you.  Believe me, on the long hike, it’s going to become your best friend!

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