Camping Checklist

Before you head out on that camping adventure, the greatest favor you can do for yourself is to create a camping checklist that will help you organize your trip. Think about the types of activities you plan to do when drawing up your camping checklist. As you imagine these activities, work through what gear and belongings you’ll need to have with you. Remember, you’re going to want to take as little as absolutely necessary because anything you take, you’ll have to carry on your person or store in your tent. Camping is all about minimalism!

In making your camping checklist, you are actually planning your trip, so be thorough and take your time. You’ll only have to do this once and it can really make your camping adventure more exciting and safe. Are you ready? I’ll run you through my own sample camping checklist to get your gears turning.

Remember, though, this camping checklist is only a guide. Depending on the type of camping trip you’re planning, you’ll need to tailor your own camping checklist that accounts for all the different adventures you’re planning. And if you’re a novice camper, don’t worry. Sometimes the things you leave off your camping checklist become the highlight misadventure of your trip!

The Absolute Essentials

__ Tent
__ Sleeping Bag
__ Pillow
__ Food
__ Water
__ First Aid Kit
__ Matches, Lighters or Firestarters

The Basic Amenities

__ Rain Jacket
__ Flashlight or Lantern
__ Batteries
__ Camping Stove
__ Mattress/Pad for Bottom of Tent
__ Storage for Food and Equipment
__ Emergency Blanket
__ Folding camping tables and chairs
__ Small Axe
__ Towels and Washcloths
__ Toiletries
__ Camping Backpack
__ Rope or Twine
__ Tarp
__ Sunscreen
__ Insect Repellant

The Camp Chef’s Equipment

__ Kitchen Utensils
__ Cutlery
__ Cookware
__ Fuel for Grilling
__ Storage Containers
__ Paper Towels and Napkins
__ Trash Bags

The Explorer’s Gear

__ Compass
__ Travel Guide or Map
__ Boots
__ Many, Many, Many Pairs of Socks
__ Hat
__ Pocket Knife
__ Small Radio and Batteries
__ Basic Tools
__ Camera
__ Binoculars
__ Walking Stick or Trekking Pole

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